About Hatters

                                WE ARE FINALLYHERE>>>>>>>> We have completed the FIRST OF SIX PHASES on this property as we have huge plans for this location. Locally owned and operated as this location was used as a very popular and very well known community place for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and much more. On October 1, 2018 the Old Grant Bly House was under new ownership and was undergoing a fresh new look when the unfortunate happened. The main building(which was built in 1909) was struck by lighting and caused a gas explosion causing the building to end up being demolished. "We were so excited to bring this building and location back to life for this community and when this happened we lost everything we had been working for" said CEO Benjamin Mireles. "So many people in this community are really excited that we are bringing this venture here to the city and since the Deland Fire Department did such a great job by saving the other building, we look forward to beginning our journey".  Mr. Mireles and his group have a vision of offering one of the only places in Deland to offer lunch and dinner  along with plenty of entertainment. The Hatter Sports Lounge will be the spot to come watch your favorite game or even enjoy a live Pay Per View event. For any of the league and recreational players, you may enjoy our leagues or independent play for pool, darts, Golden Tee or even join us for a Texas Hold'em Tournament. Don't worry, we have not forgotten about those of you who just want a night out to relax and eat a good meal as there will be opportunity for Music, Improve comedy, and even Karaoke. Oh, and we almost forgot, that's right, if you want to have a banquet, need a caterer, or want us to host your event, the Hatters Sports Lounge will also be looking to do that as well.  With this vision, the Mireles family will look to be hosting several fundraising events for several organizations . "We really want to take this as an opportunity to give back into our community and even show people that we care about our kids and our community. There will always be room here at the Hatters Sports Lounge to give back and we will always treat everyone here like a VIP" said Mireles.  This gives them a way to also offer opportunity to bring our communities together and  to remember the history of the Old Grant Bly House while bringing something fresh and new to the Volusia County area.  Just a heads up to everyone, the Hatters Sports Lounge will also be looking for the community to assist in bringing history back to 842 New York Ave by offering any  old photos or news paper articles of events which they attended or were apart of here at the Grant Bly House to post up and show all the customers how popular this place was years ago. "We look forward to bringing something special to the area and bringing back old memories for a lot of our customers who have already begun to talk with us about their experiences" said CEO Benjamin Mireles.   

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